Welcome to the 2018 Wisconsin Gran Fondo Series!

10,000 years ago, during the Paleozoic Period, glaciers covering North America left land untouched throughout southwestern Wisconsin. This unglaciated terrain has historically been called the "Ocooch Mountains", but today is know as the Driftless Region. With its sharp ridges and expansive network of valleys, this region is becoming better known as a road cyclists' paradise. Throughout the United States, the Driftless Region has become known for some of the most challenging riding to be found anywhere. The undulating landscape, the punchy, steep climbs, and the relentless repetition of climbs and descents challenges even the most seasoned of elite riders.

It is with this understanding of the region that we have converged on this bicycling playground with fervor and fury. The 2017 Wisconsin Gran Fondo Series is comprised of 3 premier yet unique cycling events: Tour de Coulee (La Crosse, WI), CIRCUS Gran Fondo (Baraboo, WI), Dairyland Dare (Dodgeville, WI).
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