Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us!

We have left the content below for reference, but will have all FAQ’s updated very soon.

When is the 2016 event?

The 12th Annual Dairyland Dare will be held on Saturday August 12, 2017.
General Registration will open August 15, 2016.

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What about packet pickup?

Ride Start and Packet pick-up are both at the Harris Park – Ley Pavilion (600 N Bennett Rd, Dodgeville, WI). Your rider packet will include your route map(s) and cue sheet(s), your bib number (pin it to your back) with safety pins, and bike number with bread ties (secured to the center of your handlebars at the stem clamp… facing front)… and a few sponsor promotional flyers. If you are picking up for a friend, please bring a copy of his/her photo ID, birth certificate or (one hundred crisp $3 bills in a sealed white envelope). You may pick up your packet on Friday 8/11/2017 from 4:00PM until 8:00PM. We schedule pick-up times to keep things running smoothly on Friday (please – no easy birds prior to 4:00PM). You may also pick up your packet on Saturday 8/12/2017 morning between 5:00AM and 6:45AM.

What does the 2017 kit look like?

2017 Jersey

2016 short (Men’s shown)

Start / Finish Venue

We are returning to our roots, the Ley Pavilion at Harris Park will again be our primary start and post-ride host venue for the 2017 Dairyland Dare! Packet pick-up will also be at the Harris Park Ley Pavilion. This venue has tons of parking, hot showers (don’t forget your towel!), plenty of greenspace, and an incredible view of the Iowa County countryside.

Plug ‘600 N Bennett Rd, Dodgeville’ into your GPS for door to door navigation. Please follow event parking signs as you approach the venue. Also, we ask that you be mindful of bikes and pedestrians that may be on the road upon your arrival.

Where can I stay?

With an early start on ride day, we know that many riders look to stay as close as possible to the event site. Below is a list of recommended lodging locations (listed based upon proximity, no preference is intended toward any specific accommodations):

Best Western Quiet House & Suites – Dodgeville

Super 8 Hotel – Dodgeville

House on the Rock Inn – Dodgeville

Deer Valley Lodge – Barneveld

Grand Stay & Suites – Mt Horeb

Holiday Inn Express – Verona

Fairfield Inn – Verona

Where and when do I start?

Riders will be queued up in the start corral at Harris Park.

Announcements will be made throughout the morning and riders will be released onto the course in waves on fifteen minute intervals. Please plan your start appropriately based on your distance. You may start in an earlier wave than your distance dictates, but be aware that we do not start serving lunch until 11:00AM

  • 6:00AM: 300K/250K start
  • 6:15AM: 200K start
  • 6:30AM: 150K start
  • 6:45AM: 150K start
  • 7:00AM: 50K/100K start

Anyone starting after 7:00AM will bypass the first 50K of the ride and will join the ride in progress via Section Line Rd, Cty Hwy Z, and Blotz Rd.

Note: To encourage an easy and controlled roll-out through Dodgeville, each wave will follow an escort vehicle for the first couple miles. The escort vehicle will stop at all stop signs and at all traffic lights as necessary. You are expected to do the same.

How will the course be marked? Are there maps and cues?

Depending on your goal distance, you will receive one or two maps in your rider packet. They will be 8.5 x 11 inches with the maps on one side and cues on the other. Check out the ‘Routes’ tab above to access GPS files, printable maps, and cue sheets.

The course will be very well marked with ROUTE ARROWS. Each turn will be marked in advance and  contain at least one confirmation arrow following each turn. Each 50K segment will follow a designated colored arrow that coincides with the maps and cue sheets.

50K          BLUE

100K           RED

150K           PURPLE

200K          ORANGE

250K           GREEN

300K            YELLOW

Each route extension split-point beyond 150K has a cut-off time. To continue onto the longer route, you MUST arrive at that split-point prior to the route cut-off.

What if the weather turns bad?

The Dairyland Dare will run rain or shine. It will run if it’s 40 degrees or 100 degrees. Having said that, we understand that we need to be responsible citizens and use common sense for the safety of our participants, volunteers, staff, and neighbors. We reserve the right to alter or shorten the route, delay or pause the event, or cancel the event if we feel there is a significant risk of injury due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. It is our sincere hope that we never have to do this. In the event that should need to do so, we will communicate out from our control center through our rest stop and course communication team. We will also send priority messages via SMS to any rider or volunteer carrying a subscribed, text capable cell phone. To subscribe to this service, just TEXT: DLD2017 to 41411(after August 9, 2017). All subscriptions to the service will be terminated one week after the event.

What are the cut off times that I need to be aware of?

In order to insure that we get all riders off the course (especially the 250K and 300K) before nightfall, the following cut-off times will be enforced. Depending on the distance you are riding, you may need to be aware of up to three cut-off times that you will need to meet. If you insist on proceeding on the route beyond these cutoff times, you must show that you have night safety equipment, surrender your bib number, and sign a liability waiver agreeing to your disassociation from the event.

I have special needs. Can you help me?

If you don’t see what you want or need in the list above, you can prepare individual special needs bags to be sent out to the various rest stops. Just put your stuff into a ziplock bag and label it with your name, bib number, and the rest stop where you would like to pick it up. There will be a drop table for each rest stop (except for Mineral Point) at registration.

Note: special needs bags may be sent only to select rest stops. Also note that we will not shuttle your special needs bag around the course for you.

We advise that you don’t place anything of value in your special needs bag – we accept no responsibility any items placed in your bag. Consider each bag to have a one way ticket to the rest stop of your choosing. When you are at a rest stop, you may place your special needs bag into the “rider return tote” to be sent back to the finish line. Be advised that we don’t shuttle rider return totes until  each rest stop closes, so you may arrive at the finish line before your bag.

Can I send a piece of clothing back to the start venue?

If you want to have us bring something back from a rest stop (like a jacket, arm or leg warmers), ask a volunteer at that station for a gallon sized ziplock and a sharpie. Put your stuff in the bag, write your name and rider number on the bag and drop it in the rider return tote. If you are done with your special needs bag and want to pick it up at the finish, drop it in the bin too. Our shuttle driver will take it back to Harris Park where you can claim it at the info desk. In most cases the rider return totes will not be shuttled until each rest stop closes. Be mindful that in some cases you could arrive at Harris Park well before your goodies.

What if I need a ride back to the start?

There will be SAG vehicles dedicated to bringing riders back to Harris Park. They will begin running at 8:00 AM and will make regular stops at each rest stop. If you need a ride, talk to the HAMM radio operator at the rest stop. If you are stranded in-between rest stops, call Ride Central at 608-630-3871 (this number will be monitored on ride day only). Please be aware that it may take 30 minutes or more for a vehicle to become available. Please relax and enjoy the scenery!

Support vehicles will be on course with flashing amber lights and obvious support signage. They will be carrying tools, tires, tubes, CO2’s and pumps. They can also carry you to the nearest stop if necessary.

I'd like to change my distance. Can I do that on course?

Absolutely! You may choose to ride more or less depending on how the day is going for you. The split points and cut-off times are detailed above.

Please ride within your ability. The hotter it is, the slower you need to go. If you would like to downgrade to a shorter distance, that’s no problem – decide out on the course. If you are used to cycling on the surface of the sun (Phoenix, AZ), then maybe you’ll think it’s cool here and you might want to stretch it out to 200K, 250K or even 300K. Fine with us.

NOTE: If you plan to compete for any of the timed awards, YOU MUST REGISTER AN OFFICIAL CHANGE OF DISTANCE BEFORE YOU RIDE, or you will be disqualified for competition (we cannot keep track of rider intentions during the event and will not allow for post-ride changes… cheating is not cool).

Who are all these people supporting me so well?

A substantial portion of your entry fee is being donated to the volunteer groups who make this event possible. They live on these roads and come out on their own time to help. They deserve a hearty thank you. Please smile and say “Thank you!” many times.

What do I do if my bike breaks down?

We will have highly skilled mechanics stationed at each rest stop along the course. They are there to help you out should you need an adjustment or a fix. Although we request that you come with your bike ready to ride, we will have mechanical staff at the start area available to make last minute adjustments (They unfortunately will not be able to fit in your annual overhaul). If you have a breakdown on the course, flag down one of our many roving support vehicles. You may also call Ride Central at 608-630-3871 (this number will be monitored on ride day only). When calling be prepared to give your specific location on the course (road address or intersection is the best way for us to find you). They will be carrying a basic tool kit, tires, tubes, pumps, and Co2. If our courtesy vehicles determine that they cannot handle your repair roadside, they will happily shuttle you and your bike to the nearest rest stop where a mechanic will take over.

Can I ride my tri-bike? Are aero bars allowed?

Yes indeed. Tri bikes and aero bars are allowed. For your own safety, please stay out of the aero position and hold tight on the bull horns when riding in a group or negotiating the many tricky downhills on this course.

How should my bike be set up? What gearing do I need?

Many hills here are short and steep. Some road sections will exceed 20% grade. Having some low gears can be a very nice thing. This of course, is a personal choice depending on your riding style and strength. But if you’re asking, here are a few suggestions. Compact cranks (35×50) are great. Triple cranks are even better (30x39x53). If you’re running a standard crank (39×53), you may want to consider a 27T or greater low gear in back. Some folks even run a MTB cassette in back (up to 34T) with a long cage deraileur!

Is this a closed course? Do I have to obey the rules of the road?

This is not a closed course! You will be sharing the road with motorists, farm implements, horses, and other cyclists. Please ride no more than two abreast and move to single file formation when necessary to allow faster vehicles to pass. Stay to the right at all times and do not cross left of center especially on blind corners or hills where oncoming traffic cannot be seen. These roads are beautiful, but aging. Be aware that there may be broken pavement in places, bumps and debris to negotiate. Be aware that wildlife (deer, squirrels, rabbits, turkeys, opossums, cranes, hodags, snipes, trolls and many other species) can jump out at any moment.

I really have to go pee! Is all the world my toilet?

NO. All the world is not your toilet. Riders urinating at the roadside is one of the biggest complaints from our neighbors. There are toilets at Harris Park and all the aid stations designated as “Rest Stop” above. We know that you are potty trained and you can hold it. We know you can. Thank you in advance!

What if I have a boo-boo? Are there 1st aid kits available?

Each support vehicle will also have a very basic 1st aid kit. We’ve got you covered for headaches, gastro-intestinal distress, sunscreen, and the basic scrapes and bruises. If you need emergency help, dial 911.

What's for dinner?

Post ride meals will begin serving at 11:00AM and conclude at 8:30PM and will consist of traditional picnic fare made up of catered ham and turkey wrap lunch boxes.

Is that you that stinks? Oh, wait, it's me! Where can I clean up?

We have secured shower facilities at Harris Park this year for post ride clean-up. Bring a towel and a clean change of clothes!

Love that Jersey! How do I get one?

We will be taking orders for commemorative 2017 jerseys and shorts at the event; however, we will also have a limited amount of past event merchandise available at discount.

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